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  • One advertisement in my weekly newsletter.
  • The newsletter is sent every Saturday at 11 a.m. EDT.
  • Your ad will be one of a maximum of two published in the newsletter. 
  • The ad will remain visible for life on my website in the newsletter concerned.
  • Newsletters on the website are viewed several hundred times a month.

Note: All sponsorships are subject to approval and will be reimbursed if they do not fit with the newsletter. Cancellations and rescheduling are not permitted.

Requirements and advices


  • Ad copy should be 3 sentences or less. Up to 2 CTAs can be included.
  • The text you provide will be slightly adapted to my style.
  • Ad copy must be supplied at least 72 hours before the newsletter is sent.
  • All ads are subject to editorial approval.


  • Short and intriguing ads with lead magnets perform the best.
  • The longer the ad copy and the less clear the CTA, the less effective the ad will be.

Step 1

Go to the secure checkout page by clicking on the button and pay the referral amount.

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A link on the thank you page will take you to the reservation calendar to choose a date.

Step 3

Choose the date, fill in the information and the ad text and receive confirmation within 24 hours.

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